What happens to my District Google account/data when I leave?

Are you a graduating senior? A retiring teacher? Or for any reason, will no longer be with our school District? How long will you be able to access your @hartdistrict.org or @my.hartdistrict.org Google account.

For students:

Your Google account will be deactivated 4 months after the end of the regular school year.

For staff:

Your Google account deactivation is set by Human Resources. This will typically be within 48 hours of your official end date.

How to download your Google data

You may download data from the Google products you currently use such as email, calendar, and docs with Google Takeout. This allows you to select which data you wish to download in a variety of formats such as an email link, Drive, Dropbox, .zip file, etc. 

How to transfer your Google content when you leave the Hart District

While you are signed into your @hartdistrict.org or @my.hartdistrict.org Google account. Navigate to and click on your profile picture and select the Manage Your Google Account button.

Google Takeout GIFs (1440 x 840 px).gif

You will be asked to enter a destination account. Please enter your personal email address into this field. If you do not already have one, you may click on Create account to set up a new personal Google email address.


Once you have entered the destination account information you will need to sign into that account to verify the transfer and to receive a one-time verification code. It will look like this:


Next, go back to your Hart District Google Account and the Transfer Your Content page to enter this code and click the VERIFY button.

Google Takeout GIFs (1440 x 840 px) (1).gif

You will be brought to a page that confirms your new account verification. Click START TRANSFER to begin the transfer process.


Please follow the prompts to complete the transfer of your Hart District Google content to your personal account.


For more information please visit the Google Support page: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3024190?hl=en&sjid=17617748571816096357-NC


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