What happens to my District Google account/data when I leave?

Are you a graduating senior? A retiring teacher? Or for any reason, will no longer be with our school District?

You might wonder how long you'll still be able to access your @hartdistrict.org or @my.hartdistrict.org Google account.

For students:
We plan to disable/delete your Google account 2 months after the end of the regular school year.

For staff:
We plan to disable/delete your Google account at the end of your official end date.

If you would like to take a copy of your data with you, please utilize Google Takeout: https://www.google.com/settings/takeout

With Google Takeout, you can create an archive file of all or selected portions of your data (You'll most likely only have Mail and Drive data.) When the archive has been created, you'll receive an email that the archive is ready for download. Save the downloadable file to a flash drive or onto your home computer. It's that simple!

If you've shared and allowed others to edit items in Google Docs, you should transfer ownership of those items to a collaborator, so they may continue to have access and work on those Google documents.


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